Letter Long Overdue

Dear Jill, Deb, Sandra, Charlotte and all the other beautiful people who work so selflessly to ease the burden of those unable to live their normal lives,

This letter is long overdue. Please excuse my tardiness in thanking you for looking after me: helping to fulfil my needs, for warm companionship and constant, unwavering concern for my welfare.

Life would no longer have held much in the way of fun and laughter without your friendly care.

It is almost true that it might have been possible to have, with difficulty and going painfully slower, just managed by myself. But that amount of effort and the time needed would have left me with not enough energy and—by that stage—inclination to do nothing more except wonder if next day it would worthwhile going on at all.

But it never came to that, thanks to the keen observation of a nurse during a visit to my GP.  She was the one who contacted you, and that resulted in Jill coming up to my unit and telling me of your services.

From that day forth, things began to take an upward turn. Soon afterwards Sandra came along to do all the things that had, until then, cost me so much time and effort, leaving little time to take an interest in other ways to pass the time.

What was proving arduous for me was a breeze for her; one could only marvel at her housekeeping–cleaning, washing, dusting– and, too, her driving, shopping, loading me into, and out of, her SUV and ferrying me hither and yon for various purposes. Amazing, in a word. ’Sunny Sandra’  was, and still is, a rather understated name for one so helpful, cheery and chirpy.

How to thank you for the benefits of what you do to make life easier for disabled folks like me is really beyond words. Words can only go so far for that which you have done which did me so much good, in many ways.

For all your help for many months, thank you very much. And for your ongoing support, you have my undying gratitude.

Love and blessings on you and your organisation,


Mr. O.

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