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5 Indoor Activities for Seniors in Summer

Summer is a popular season for outdoor activities and celebrations, and everyone looks forwards to taking advantage of the warm weather by relaxing at the beach or in the pool.

Longer days, vacations with family and friends, and a bounty of fresh and delectable meals characterise summer in Australia. Nonetheless, as the temperatures rise, the elderly are at an increased risk of heat-related illnesses. Despite this, there are still plenty of ways to have fun this summer while staying cool. The activities listed below are some of the things that seniors can do during the summer.

Museums and Galleries

Adelaide is home to a diverse collection of museums and galleries that cater to visitors of all ages and interests. In order to better preserve the various exhibits, museums and galleries now maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level throughout the year. As a result, the elderly can happily spend a day wandering through the exhibits without feeling the heat. Aside from that, temporary exhibitions held at various times throughout the year will allow you to learn something new each time you visit the museum.

Some of the exciting museums and galleries in Adelaide include:

  • Art Gallery of South Australia
  • Ayers House Museum
  • JamFactory
  • MOD
  • South Australian Museum
  • Tandanya

The following museums and galleries are located in Victor Harbor:

  • Coral Street Art Space
  • National Trust Museum (Encounter Coast Discovery Centre)
  • South Australian Whale Centre
  • Victor Harbor Regional Gallery

Here are some of our top picks in the McLaren Vale and Fleurieu Coast region that you won’t want to miss:

  • Fleurieu Arthouse
  • Micky Barlow (Aboriginal Artist & Basket Weaver)
  • Red Poles Art Gallery
  • The d’Arenberg Cube

Community Centre Programs

Community centres provide a cool, relaxing environment in which to participate in group activities, meet new people, and learn new skills. They also offer a variety of programmes and activities that you can participate in on a regular basis or as needed. If you live alone or feel your social circles have narrowed in older age, getting involved and having fun with the local community centre in your area is a great way to stay connected.

This website contains a list of community centres across South Australia.


The local library is an excellent resource for the elderly to relax at any time because it is a safe, welcoming environment. Libraries are an excellent way to escape the heat on hot summer days. They’re still coming up with new ways to provide seniors with unique and relevant services and activities, and the staff is always willing to help and make recommendations. Another advantage is that the library is free and has no time limits, allowing you to visit at any time during business hours.

The Libraries SA website can assist you in locating your local library.


Another popular option is to go to the movies. New movies are released regularly, and whether it is a Hollywood action blockbuster, a romantic drama, a feature film, or anything else, there will always be something to choose from to keep you entertained and cool.

Yoga and Tai Chi

In the event that you want to maintain your exercise routine on hot days but are concerned about the heat outside, you may want to look into the indoor exercise options. Exercises such as yoga are beneficial for seniors because they not only encourage joint movement but also help to build muscle strength. In addition, the “breathing exercises” that are taught in yoga help to strengthen the nervous system, support the immune system, and decrease anxiety.

Tai chi classes are also available indoors. Several studies have discovered that practising Tai chi can help to improve and enhance balance, leg strength, cardiovascular endurance, muscle flexibility, immune system response, sleep habits, and other aspects of one’s well-being, among other things. The brains of Tai practitioners had better connectivity and improvements in different dimensions of health when compared to the brains of elders who had never practised Tai chi. This was especially true in areas of the brain related to decision-making and attention.

Hot weather can pose serious health risks for seniors, but with careful management and some planning to avoid the heat, you can still enjoy summer without worrying about heat stress. If you need care this summer, My Care Solution is available and ready to provide premium home care services. Contact your local My Care Solution office and book your free care consultation today.

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