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How My Care Solution Have Helped Brian and Roxy to Live Independently at Home

A Lifeline volunteer and active member of the Victor Harbor community, Roxy had always been Brian’s primary carer. So, when Roxy suffered a debilitating fall and required care in return, it sent Brian in to a spin. That’s when he contacted My Care Solution.

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‘Tis the Season to Be Observant: 10 Warning Signs

Christmas gatherings offer the perfect opportunity for you to observe your elderly friends and family members first-hand. Instead of waiting for an event such as a debilitating illness or fall, we are encouraging families to keep an eye out for some subtle warning signs.

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Free Resource: The Home Care Roadmap

We know that the journey of home care is difficult to navigate. As a provider of both private and government-funded home care services, the My Care Solution team wanted to create a simple 1-page resource that made the home care journey easier for families to understand.

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Carer Burnout

5 Tips to Help Avoid Carer Burnout

There is no doubt that being a carer for a loved one is rewarding. However, the role often comes with a price tag of sacrificing your quality of life in order to meet the needs of another. It’s a formula for high stress and debilitating exhaustion. We’ve listed 5 strategies that can be helpful in preventing burnout.

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Falls - Feature

6 Ways to Prevent Falls at Home

Falls can happen to anyone, but, unfortunately, as we grow older falls can become more common. With most Australians wanting to grow older in their own homes, it’s important to create a safe home environment. We’ve listed 6 ways you can reduce the risk of falls in your home.

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Care Assessment

6 Steps to Accessing a Home Care Package

While private home care options are available, the Australian Government’s Home Care Package Program provides a taxpayer-funded subsidy for older people to use towards a package of care services and case management. However, the process of applying for a Home Care Package is not easy to navigate.

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Portrait of senior Caucasian female leader wearing white dress working at laptop, looking at camera and smiling

The ‘Farewell Career’

If you’ve retired and are regretting the decision, the aged care sector could offer a new opportunity, writes National Seniors’ Chief Advocate Ian Henschke. My Care Solution is collaborating with Don’t Overlook Mature Experience (DOME) to develop a part-time traineeship program that provides retirees the chance to re-enter the workforce.

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Social Support

10 Keys to Living Happier as You Age

The Ten Keys to Happier Living are based on a review of the latest research from psychology and related fields. Everyone’s path to happiness is different, but the evidence suggests these 10 keys consistently tend to have a positive impact on people’s happiness and wellbeing, no matter our age.

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My Care Solution the First in South Australia to Experience the Reality of Dementia

A new 3-hour virtual reality workshop developed by Dementia Australia has been trialed for the first time in South Australia by home care provider, My Care Solution. The Educational Dementia Immersive Experience uses innovative virtual reality technology to enable participants to explore what it may feel like to experience dementia.

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Peronal Care

5 Communication Strategies for People Living with Dementia

Communication and having the ability to express ourselves freely is vital to our quality of life. It’s the way we form relationships, learn new things and share our knowledge. However, people living with dementia and related diseases slowly lose their language skills and ability to communicate as the disease progresses.

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VH Launch

My Care Solution Hosts Official Launch in Victor Harbor

A special celebration on Thursday evening marked the official launch of Victor Harbor-based senior home care service, My Care Solution. Over 70 guests were in attendance including City of Victor Harbor Mayor Graham Philp and Mayo MP Rebekha Sharkie.

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Welcome to MCS

Welcome to My Care Solution

My Care Solution is a new and exciting aged care business launched in January 2018 by mother and daughter team Lee and Gabrielle McBriarty. The McBriarty family has a substantial history in the aged care industry and over many years has been driven by a passion to provide support services to older people in their own homes

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