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My Care Solution Ranked World-Class For Client Satisfaction

My Care Solution has been rated “world-class” in a recent survey of our clients and their care representatives, achieving a 99% recommendation rate and Net Promoter Score of 77. The average Net Promoter Score for the aged care industry in Australia is 44.

How likely are you to recommend My Care Solution to others?

Our clients are at the centre of what we do at My Care Solution, and our team works tirelessly to ensure our clients are satisfied with the services we provide. One of the ways we measure this is to ask how likely our clients and those involved in their care are to recommend us to others.

Clients were asked to rate on an 11-point scale (0-10) the likelihood of recommending My Care Solution to others. The survey revealed that 99% of clients and care representatives would recommend My Care Solution to others.

Broken down, 78% of respondents provided a rating between 9-10, indicating they would be extremely likely to recommend My Care Solution.

21% of respondents provided a rating between 7-8, indicating they would be likely or very likely to recommend My Care Solution.

Only 1 participant provided a lower rating of 5, indicating they would be ambivalent.

What do you value most about your experience with us?

We wanted to go beyond the 11-point scale and ask our clients and their care representatives what they value about their experience with My Care Solution.

The most common theme surrounded the staff, with many commenting on their friendliness, helpfulness, continuity and personal qualities (i.e. caring, wonderful, pleasant, lovely, genuine).

Another common theme surrounded the quality of service, with many commenting on the promptness, communication, efficiency and personal approach of staff.

Participants also valued the costs and fees, with some commenting on the transparency of costs and the budget planning process with regard to the Home Care Package Program.

Other participants referred to how My Care Solution makes them feel personally, with many commenting on feeling fortunate, supported and at peace because of the company and its services.

“Calls are answered promptly and the staff are always helpful and sympathetic. The ladies who visit my Mother are wonderful people. Always careful and attentive.”

“Carers are very kind, patient, encouraging, respectful, capable, flexible and experienced.”

“The excellent service and communication from my mum’s coordinator. Always being very friendly and approachable.”

“The company is very efficient in providing for care. Nothing is too much trouble. Everything I have asked for has been provided promptly. Staff are very friendly and respect my dignity as a senior person.”

“Client Care Coordinators are polite, warm, patient. Promptness in addressing queries whether it is by phone or email. Caring attitude. Sensitive to cultural needs. Attuned to the needs of the elderly and show genuine compassion. Transparency with all the costs.”

“A sense of security and helpfulness. I always get to speak to a real person every time I need to call you. It is very personal. I’m able to put plans in place and speak to people who have good knowledge, common sense etc. Fees are also very important. The cost factor is made very clear at the first meeting and a plan is done to get an idea of what you can get.”

“The ladies that come to help my husband and me are always cheerful and happy to help. If we didn’t have them coming my husband would not get out of bed some days.”

What is missing or could be improved in your experience with us?

We are always seeking and learning to do better, and we know there is always room for improvement. To identify these areas from the point of view of our clients and their care representatives, we asked respondents what they believe is missing or could be improved in their experience with My Care Solution.

The most commented on theme was “nothing”, including other related phrases such as “can’t think of anything”, “I’m happy with things the way they are” and “all good”.

“You do a great job and there isn’t anything that needs improving that I can think of.”

“I can’t think of anything missing at all. Everyone that has been here to help me has been very helpful and caring.”

“Nothing – I am very happy the way things are. Many thanks.”

“I find it perfect.”

“I have no complaints to date with my dealings with you. Well done! Keep up the good work.”

“I can’t really think of anything – in my experience. Every need is met, and very helpful information is given to me, about help I would not have known about, to make life a bit easier.”

Some respondents who are Home Care Package recipients suggested clearer monthly statements and a wider range of tradespeople to use and recommend in the delivery of home maintenance and modification services.

Other respondents suggested a wider range of specialist staff in the area of allied health and group mini-bus outings. These are suggestions that our management team will use to inform an ongoing review and improvement of the My Care Solution client experience this year.

What is one thing we could do to ensure you recommend us to others?

A recommendation from our clients and their care representatives is the best accolade we could wish for, so we asked our clients and their care representatives what we could do to encourage recommendations to other people.

Again, the most commented on theme was “nothing”, including other related phrases such as “keep up the good work”, “I already do” and “don’t change”.

“We do recommend you to others as it is. When asked why we chose MCS, we tell people the process we went through, how many providers we met with (7).”

“I am always recommending you as I live in a retirement village. Two of my friends now have your support and are very happy.”

“Having experienced what your company does I would be an ungrateful person if I didn’t spread your good name.”

“I have recommended you to a number of friends already. Please don’t change.”

“I would recommend your service to any of my friends who needs to be supported with kindness and patience. The children caring for elderly parents are often baffled by the system and dealing with an unwilling parent as I was. I have always received careful treatment from all your office staff and the great women who visit my Mum at home. A lot of people are trying to keep their parents at home and are paying quite a high personal price for it… A sympathetic ear and an understanding of my circumstances has been a relief for me.”

Some respondents advised that simpler monthly statements and a wider scope of services would further encourage them to recommend My Care Solution.

A vote of confidence

Mark McBriarty, Executive Director of My Care Solution, said: “We are dedicated to changing the way older South Australians age at home and knowing that 99% of our clients would happily recommend our services to others is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our incredible team.

As a family-owned and operated business, we know that in-home care is intimate business and it must be delivered with dignity. We’re extremely proud that our ratings are considered world-class, and we feel confident that these ratings will only improve as we continue servicing our communities.”

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