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Sensitive Topics and Important Discussions

Over the last 15 years My Care Solution has assisted over 20,000 South Australians to remain in their homes. We have seen many genuine family member conflicts on what the best care approach for the last years of their loved one’s life should entail. Should your parent remain at home or should they move into residential care is the one conflict that tops the list. Although difficult, it’s important to discuss these sensitive topics and have these important discussions, so they’re ready when the time comes.

Nearly all conflicts could have been avoided if the following 3 steps were taken:

  1. There is an up to date, professionally constructed, legal will.
  2.  A suitable enduring Power of Attorney has been appointed that will be respected and supported in carrying out your wishes when you are no longer able to do so.
  3. There is an Advanced Care Directive that clearly spells out your end of life wishes – we have clients who want every measure possible to prolong their life, but the vast majority do not want their lives extended when their is no quality of life.

Whilst open discussion on these sensitive topics is challenging but necessary – having a hard copy or digital version of these documents that is easily accessible for family, home care providers, and ambulance personnel will ensure your decisions are respected.

Many legal firms can create all three documents for a competitive price.

As you make your plans for Christmas this year, please put this conversation on the table and have these important discussions.

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