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Caregiver Spotlight: Denise

Caregiver Spotlight Denise

It takes just a quick interaction with Denise to know that she was made for a career in aged care.

After many years in cleaning, motel minding, laundry, and bookkeeping, Denise became a My Care Solution caregiver in her 50s. However, Denise might not have taken the plunge if it hadn’t been for Corrie Burnside, the Regional Care Manager of My Care Solution.

“My Care Solution chose me,” Denise said. “I was very fortunate to have been asked twice before I finally said yes the third time. I was recovering from a health scare and was unemployed at the time. I was gifted my job.”

Through Denise’s long and varied career in hospitality, she always enjoyed helping the elderly to do the things they couldn’t do themselves.

“I have always been a good listener with a lot of compassion, and I respect each and every person for their differences, uniqueness and adversities,” she said. “When it comes to older people, I respect their stories and experiences. I am always learning because they teach me new things.”

Denise speaks fondly of the care taken by My Care Solution in matching clients and caregivers based on common interests.

“When I started my job, I was asked to document my interests and I vividly recall writing dogs at the very top of my list,” Denise said. “I have recently started seeing a client, and one of my duties is to take her and her two dogs to the dog park! I cannot put into words how much enjoyment we all get out of this visit.”

When asked what she values most about her career as a caregiver, Denise speaks fondly of the palliative care experience offered to clients.

“Being able to care for dying people is not dissimilar to being with someone when they give birth,” she said. “Caregiving has fulfilled my life in a way that I had been missing for many years. Every day someone makes my heart smile, and no amount of money can buy that.”

“I have had so many laughs along the My Care Solution journey and that is something that I treasure the most,” Denise said. “Even when someone is on their death bed, a laugh is something that is really special to remember that person by. I know that I have impacted their end of life in a positive way.”

Denise has shared her famous sausage roll recipe with us, which has been requested by many of her clients:

1 packet of pork sausages, skin removed
3 sheets puff pastry
Grated tasty and extra sharp parmesan
2 grated Royal Gala apples
1 chopped onion
1 large grated carrot
1-2 cloves of crushed garlic
3/4 cup of panko breadcrumbs
Big sprinkle of sweet paprika
Couple of shakes of cumin
Pinch of thyme
Lots of black pepper

Combine all ingredients. Place two lots of meat mixture onto one sheet of pastry and cut the pastry in halves – (do this two more times). Brush edges of pastry with beaten egg and join together to make rolls. Brush with beaten egg and sprinkle rolls with grated cheeses. Cook in hot oven approximately 30 minutes. Makes 6 long rolls or cut into smaller ones as desired.

Are you interested in becoming a caregiver with My Care Solution? We are always seeking compassionate and responsive individuals to join our team. Learn more about vacancies here.

Caregiver Spotlight Denise

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