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Safe Medication Management for Seniors

Medication Management

If you have been prescribed several medicines to treat a new or existing condition, you will need to find an easy, safe, and consistent way to take them. For example, your doctor might have recommended taking one drug in the morning, another one after lunch, and a third one before going to bed. You might also need to take a specific medication with food, and another one on an empty stomach.

How can you remember all the different times and ways in which you are supposed to take your medicines? With a good medication management plan. Read on to learn how you can create a simple one that you can stick to every day.

Store All Your Medication in the Same Place

To start with, you’ll want to keep your medications all in the same place. Whether you choose a bathroom cabinet, a small container, or your kitchen counter, make sure that you never move them from there.

Before you decide where to store your drugs, you should read the instruction labels and find out whether some of them might need to be refrigerated. In general, you should be storing medication in a clean, dry, and cool space, away from direct sunlight and out of the reach of any pets or children.

Write Down a List, and Keep It Current

One of the best medication management tips is to write down a list that explains, clearly and in detail, when and how to take your medication. You might also want to add information on possible side effects or interactions with other medications or with food.

Remember to store your instruction paper in a safe place that is easy to remember and reach. If anything changes, remember to update your instructions accordingly.

Set Up Medication Reminders

Great medication management for seniors includes setting up reminders. If you have a phone, you can use that to create alerts to remind you of which medication you should be taking at a given time.

Tech-savvy seniors might find it even more helpful to use a specific app to download on their phones. If you don’t own a phone, you can use a traditional alarm clock.

Remember to Request Your Refills in Advance

Are you about to run out of one of your medications? Then it’s a good idea to contact your doctor and ask for a refill. You should be able to do so a few days before your medication runs out.

This will give you enough time to buy your medication and make sure that you can continue to take it without any gaps.

A safe, clear, and current medication management system is essential if you want to ensure that you are remembering to take all your drugs at the right time and in the right way. Luckily, there are several ways that you can do so, as we explained in this article.

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Medication Management

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